With over 50 years of metal fabrication experience we have the reputation for excellence in service and the integrity of our work.

We feel that quality sheet metal fabrication is all about doing the job right the first time. We have a list of satisfied clients that crosses across five decades as proof. We are committed to give our clients the absolute best in price, service and quality.

As a distinguished metal fabricator based out of Compton, California we rely on the equipment and expertise needed to take on any job. Our custom metal fabrication services include plasma cutting, press brake forming, shearing, punching, welding and assembly. We have successfully taken on metal fabrication projects in medical, naval furnishings, storage, food services, biodiesel, custom lighting, architectural, truck body parts and other sectors. We don’t shy away from complex projects that other metal fabricators avoid, neither.

When you are ready to request a quote for your project, make sure to attach a photo and describe in detail what you need and we will get back to you in a flash. Whether you are an artist, a homeowner, a corporation or a two-man operation looking for quality metal fabrication work, you have found a reliable teammate with Alameda Metal Fabrication.